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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 30, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to wrap up the road work throughout the area. 95 northbound is one of the areas. taking a live look at our traffic cameras this is 95 at 175. we have no issues or incidents to report here. and it is also fine at the fort mckinley tunnel. the southbound traffic no issues to report northbound l. lanes are open heading towards the toll plaza. you can follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. a local father will head to washington today to lobby for stricter rules for truck drivers. linda is here with how he plans to fight for his family and others like him. >> reporter: at 9:30 this morning he will share his heartbreaking story with members of congress. last year his life was turned upside done. a truck driver fell asleep at
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the wheel and rear ended his wife's car. his wife was killed and two sons were injured. he hopes congress will reform truck driving laws and put a cap on the number of service hours. hopes stricter regulations will prevent others from going through the same tragedy. >> i think we look in each other's eyes and we just love each other. >> his son has come a long way. we will be at the hearing in washington this morning and bring you the latest developments on air and online. an expecting father is dead. jeff lost control of his car.
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last night family and friends gathered the site of the crash remembering the teen. his car crossed the median and hit a number of vehicles. everyone else on the bus was okay. she was anticipating the birth of his daughter in four months. >> i was just thinking about the baby not having a biological dad. >> the family tells abc 2 news. peopleu police say they were called to randal high school after a board of education member was notified about an attack in the restroom. police are working with school officials to investigate that report. a sophomore had a gun at school yesterday. administrators say they got a tip from city police. police say no one was hurt at the school and the school day
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was not interrupted. gary spent 168 days in an arueben jail. this morning he is a free man at least for now. he was released from jail but remains a suspect in the disappearance of robin gardner. [ female announcer ] at,
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a lot planned to remember the day and breaking a record. and we have more live on what they have planned than when we left you, were you on the football field, what record are they going for? >> 4200 people they may do it. again right now the field behind us. we're going to be seeing red tomorrow. let me bring in tom. he is the director of movable feast. why will we see red tomorrow? >> the red ribbon was the first ribbon, colored ribbonnized to remember people with a life- threatening illness t was the first one. tomorrow everyone will be dressed in red as the poncho
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that doherty is wearing. we're hoping to get 4100 people. that can be anyone. we have people from copen state. anyone who has been touched or is just want tos. you have a lot of partners. what is movable feast. >> we're a non-profit that was founded to provide home delivered meals and compassion to weem with hiv and aids. we're providing the meals for people are living with hiv and aids. >> the other partner is a housing program, aires and chase spectrum health services
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which has provided services to the community and people with hiv and aids. we're not done yet. we'll talk more. we have our red on are you ready to go? we have temperatures 30ed and 4 it is not that cold. they're at freezing. and and good news. they had a half a foot of snow
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and snow on the backside. virginia picked up benefit flakes. and we'll look at that and passing through pa and new york. the cold air is retreating into canada t is not arctic. they may say that, they are startingcaledder -- colder than us. we have a clouds. we'll slip back to the 30- degree range. seasonable temperatures.
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in the 50s. our december 5th date may be rainy. buses on time. and let's take a look at traffic, starting out at columbia pike. at 108. all is quiet out there. southbound traffic is heavier. eastbound we're fine. you can follow us at maryland traffic. news around the world, britain pulled out diplomats after coasters stormed and ransacked the embassy. they brought down and oned -- burned the union jack flag t came two days after the
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parliament reduced diplomatic relations with britain t followed london's support of sanctions. and the finance ministers proved that a bail out basement for greece. they will need another day of the summit. we're expecting to finalize the plans european bail out. joe biden arrived in baghdad in the higher coordinating committee. he will speak at an event for troops. the visit will be the capital coming on the midst of the withdrawal from that country. it is 5:20. want a happy meal in one state it could cost you more. who is jacking up the price. here is an idea. leave the making of sports memorbilia to those who know the facts. a clothing maker and which
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sport. as we go to break another look at los angeles. we're monitoring twitter and cnn and the feeds this is going on as we speak, police moving in trying to get protester to move out [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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lampoon. a griswold adventure. and the governor in india. the deal he made and what drug makers he has met with. that's coming up.
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the aruba suspect is released from jail. herman cain said time to regroup and reassess. in many ways. defend and the legend is now changing its tune. what he said on this wednesday november 30th. good morning, maryland. let's check the forecast. things, there a changing. what is going on. it is getting cool. we're a week away from the winter weather, hint, hint. and at north bay, 44 degrees, i will be there on


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